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Featured in the Press

Aleeza Ben Shalom of Marriage Minded Mentor is regularly featured on various media platforms as dating expert and has appeared everywhere from to BBC World News and NPR.

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Our Team

Our amazing team of Marriage Minded Mentors have all been trained through
Aleeza’s Coaches Academy and can provide you with practical tools to attracting quality dates and helping you get over your hurdles and under the Chupah.

Aleeza Ben Shalom

Aleeza Ben Shalom is a dating motivator, writer, speaker and consistent giver of blessings. She is the author of Get Real, Get Married, your guide to get over your hurdles and under the chuppah!

Aleeza is an entertaining and passionate speaker. She is a contributor to, and Yated Ne’eman. You may also recognize Aleeza from her appearance in the web series Soon By You or Eli Talks. She has been interviewed by BBC World News, and NPR.

She works with clients from around the world as well as trains future dating coaches and matchmakers. Aleeza is committed to creating marriages that endure the test of time, starting with her own: she is a dedicated wife and loving mother of five children.

Michael Dear

Michael Dear works with men and women of all ages, with a focus on effective communication, understanding emotions and intentions, deepening connections, and self reflection. Michael has a meaningful way of connecting with people helping them navigate the dating scene, discover themselves, and build and maintain positive relationships.

He has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, worked for Jewish Family Services, and trained in Gottman Couples Therapy and Shalom Workshop. Michael performs magic shows for children and mentalism shows for adults, is an awesome cook, and practices graphology. He is married with 3 children and lives in Philadelphia.

Regan Weiss

Regan Weiss specializes in working with women in their 20’s and 30’s, helping women refine their dating profiles, clarify their values, and navigate dating in real time. Regan’s insights and intuiton are invaluable to her clients and guilde them to making decisions with confidence. 

Regan enjoys long walks, dolphins, and making seriously delicious and creative chocolate treats.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Human Resources from Ohio State University and currently resides in Philadelphia with her husband and sons.

Ilana Brown

Ilana Brown completed her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and achieved her certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at OISE, U of T.

She is a certified Life Coach and is a S.H.A.L.O.M. Marriage Essentials workshop leader. She has been working as a relationship counselor and dating coach for ten years.

Ilana works with individual and couples from diverse backgrounds and helps her clients develop self-awareness, healthier thought-patterns, confidence and the skills to overcome their obstacles.

Ilana specializes in helping clients navigate the dating process and identify roadblocks to healthy relationships.

Shira Alt

Shira Alt, MS, LPC, licensed counselor,
and works with men and women of all ages, teaching them to date with increased confidence, clarity, and self-awareness.

Additionally, she can support singles who are currently in counseling.

Shira enjoys reading, artistic hobbies, and anything chocolate. Shira resides in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and five daughters.

Leah Cheirif

Passionate about helping singles understand themselves at a core level, Leah Cheirif’s specialty is a one-time core personality analysis.

In just one session, singles walk away with a better understanding of who they are and what they’re looking for in a partner. The sessions are based off a personality system from the teachings of Rabbi Noach Weinberg, of blessed memory. You can learn more about this system in Leah’s book, Point of Connection: How to
Actualize Your Potential and Thrive in Relationships.

Leah’s expertise is changing the way people see themselves and gives you the tools you need to become a better dater…a better you.

Leah lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel, and is a dedicated wife and mother.

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