Dating Detox

Attract quality dates with marriage potential.

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Are you feeling burnt out and frustrated with dating?
Do you feel like you keep meeting the wrong people?
And on the odd occasion when you thought you met the right person, things just didn’t work out?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions,
you’re not alone! So many single individuals that I’ve spoken to recently have expressed
these frustrations with dating, and I couldn’t just listen to all that and brush it off.

So I’ve created Dating Detox.

Dating Detox will provide you with the tools you need to reclaim your confidence and help you attract quality dates.

You’ll receive:

1. A daily email from Sept 15-22nd.
2. An action plan to guide you through the 5 steps to attracting quality dates.

3. A daily 3-5 minute pre recorded video by Aleeza for you to watch at your convenience, anytime.
4. Access to a FB group for Dating Detoxers only (from Sept 15-22nd.)

The content is yours to use! You can refer to it throughout the year.
(Although I’m hoping you won’t need it…because you’ll have met someone.)

What you need:
1. An open mind
2. 15-minutes daily to do the worksheet and plan for your future. (you pick the time)
3. A desire to make a realistic plan for the new year that will help you find someone wonderful.

As we head into the high holidays, this is an ideal time to reflect on your previous year of dating, determine what worked and what didn’t, and come up with a plan to get you back on track for the New Year.

This ONLINE program is an eight day series beginning on Sunday, September 15th, that will take you through five steps you can implement to get you out of that frustrated funk and put you back on the path to attracting quality dates in an energized and confident manner.

$36 now/$49 after September 10th.

Register below and join me in Dating Detox 2019,
Aleeza Ben Shalom

***For optimal results, you will receive an e-packet that will contain all the assignments found in this program for you to print out for easy access, as well as membership to our private Dating Detox FaceBook Group for fellow Dating Detoxers only. This group will provide support, encouragement and feedback as we journey through this program together. Here you will also find details regarding the daily prompts and assignments. (If FaceBook is not your thing and you prefer to make use of this program via email only, that’s totally fine – you’ll still get the results you’re looking for.)

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