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Partners in Shidduchim

Partners in Shidduchim is more than just an incredible resource that enables Shomer Shabbos singles to meet and connect…it’s a worldwide movement that brings family members, friends, community and shadchanim together to help make genuine matches.

Our groundbreaking online database not only allows singles to create profiles and search for their bashert,it allows anyone to create profiles and search for singles in their social circle.

And while many singles have shadchanim on the side, at Partners in Shidduchim we care deeply about all our singles – especially those without representation and those not getting calls.

Our premier Advocate Partnership Program enables and encourages singles to choose anyone in their circles as their own personal advocate.

In addition, our exceptional Resource Center offers singles the opportunity to expand their network and interact with respected community partners, dating coaches, and established shadchanim nationwide.

Partners in Shidduchim welcomes and invites you to join our global movement to help Klal Yisroel match our singles.